Arizona Overhead Concrete Reinforcement

//Arizona Overhead Concrete Reinforcement

Arizona Overhead Concrete Reinforcement

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Restruction Corporation completed overhead concrete repairs in a mechanical room. The team encountered a few challenges with this project; access equipment in the way, working around piping and electrical conduits, and capturing the debris and dust in order to prevent contamination of the mechanical room. Scaffolding was installed with a work platform and plastic was used to contain the debris and dust. The repair area was marked for saw cuts in the concrete, then the remaining concrete was removed. Rebar was cleaned and coated, holes were drilled to install fiberglass through rods holding the form in place, and larger holes were drilled to pump SCC-self consolidated concrete from the top outside surface.

Here is the top side during placement. Holes were cored and drilled to track the flow of the SCC mix and allow passageways for the air to escape. The picture of the pressure gauge shows a pretty consistent pressure of 40 psi during the process. Pumping the SCC mix allowed for us to pressurize the forms.

This is a picture of the repair area after the initial placement. Once the forms had been pulled, we cut off the fiberglass through rods (which were used because they are non-corrosive) and gridded the edges. Then we pumped the holes of the repair to improve its appearance.

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