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Specializing in Structural Concrete Repair & Structural Strengthening

Structural Repair
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Why Use Restruction Arizona for your next Project?

The benefits are endless when you Hire Restruction.
  • Experts that have the knowledge and experience to get the job done
  • Team collaboration to meet your expectations
  • Professional service from start to finish with tenured repair technicians
  • Connections and resources to help your project succeed
  • Strategic partnerships and much more

Our Structural Repair Process

Like any material, concrete can be damaged and will deteriorate. If you’re not sure if you need structural concrete repair or structural strengthening, our experts will evaluate your structure and complete your concrete repair project using International Concrete Repair Institute best practices.

Structural Condition Survey


Restruction is a technology leader in structural concrete repair and structural strengthening. We participate in The International Concrete Repair Institute…

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Project Design


Restruction, through independent, licensed engineering subcontractors, can provide a thorough structure capacity analysis prior to structural repair…

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Cost, Scheduling & Project Planning


Nearly all structure owners need to understand the cost and time to completion prior to contracting for the repair work. Concrete repair and structural strengthening…

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Structural Concrete Repair & Strengthening


Quality structural repair or structural strengthening project starts with a good structural condition survey, includes experienced project planning and ends…

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We Know Structures.

We specialize in structural strengthening and structural concrete repair for stadiums, dams, parking structures, tunnels and More!

From the first step in the process, structural condition assessment, to the completed repair project, our experienced specialists know the structural repair industry and we are committed to providing superior service. Whatever your project may be, from repairing an old bridge to strengthening the structure of a parking garage, Restruction is there to lead the way. Our thorough understanding of the entire repair process provides value to your project.

We can provide a thorough structural condition assessment prior to structural repair or structural strengthening, which will begin open communications regarding project expectations. Next we help you understand costs and the scheduling of your project, as well as critical communication tools. If you need your project done with little downtime, you can take comfort in knowing we have been completing fast-track structural repair projects since 1975.

Once these steps have been completed and project expectations have been explained, we will begin your project with an Experienced, Qualified repair team. This includes experienced project planning and ends with tenured repair technicians. Restruction self-performs 90% of its incoming projects. We are the single source for all your structural repair needs.

Restruction specializes in the following, but is not limited to: structural repair, dam repair, patching concrete, concrete repair, parking garage restoration, and other concrete work. We service the areas in and around Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

Arizona Restruction Blog

Bearing Pad Replacement Procedure Accelerates Airport Construction Schedule

By |May 21st, 2018|Categories: Structural Repair|

Restruction Corporation was contracted to replace temporary bearing pads on the Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 3 expansion project.  In order to accelerate completion, a general contractor had placed a temporary bearing pad between the beam/joist slab bearing and the top of the columns.

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Scottsdale Shadows Condos – Parking Garage Repair

By |June 15th, 2016|Categories: Concrete Reinforcement, Parking Garages, Structural Repair|Tags: , , , , , |

Technical Outline A multi-level precast parking garage in Scottsdale, Arizona [...]

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